About Us

ark grill, half moon bayOur family recipes were perfected through iterations that span multiple generations. As you will see from the family photos on the wall, this restaurant is very special to my family and me — hence the name ARK, which is an acronym of the first names of my three kids: Arti, Rajesh, and Krishan.

North Indian cuisine in particular is known for its extensive and vibrant history. In the 1500s, the Persian Mughals invaded India and forever changed the culture of the Indian people. Many of the dishes made in ARK were Mughal creations, hearty yet elegant.

We take pride in the colorful history of our food, and express it through the polychromatic designs seen in the restaurant. These designs provide a homely atmosphere that comforts our guests as if they were family. When the guests walk inside, we are sure they will feel the warmth ARK North Indian Cuisine has to offer, and taste the food that contains the heart and soul of not only North India, but also the entire Indian Subcontinent.